Braithwaite Wallets is completely sold out of wallets.
We'll be back soon.

At this time, Braithwaite Wallets is out of wallets. We are making wallets for 2011 and we are in a big period of transition. I haven't been able to update anyone until now because I didn't know what the exact details of the plan would be. In a nutshell, I will be re-locating myself and the company entirely to Tennessee where our wallets will continue to be made. Trying to run the office out of Calgary, warehousing in Toronto, and having wallets made in the Tennessee just doesn't make sense. All offices, production, and warehousing will soon be done all in the United States. I plan on moving in May/June 2011 but will have some more wallets out before then. These wallets will not be available publicly. I will send out email notifications when I have new wallets and they will be only available to people on my list.

These new wallets will initially be Aspen and Cypress. I don't know exactly when I will have them but I'm hoping get a shipment in February. The last two months have been a heavy period of transition for me personally and I haven't had the resources and time to fully service my clients, which doesn't agree with me. Working a full-time job and running Braithwaite has turned into a bit much and I will soon be able to run Braithwaite full time.

If you would like to be on the private list and have the opportunity to buy wallets as we make them, please go ahead and sign up with your Full name, Email address, and Country of residence.

Thank you for your everlasting patience. I never expected things to be this difficult. But, I guess that's kind of the point, isn't it? ;)

Connor Ferster
President of Braithwaite Wallets, Inc.
[email protected]