Nick Stratichuk

Fashion designer. Wallet designer.

I’ve been designing since 2004, when I launched my label, *Enscav*. I started out designing belts and purses and transitioned to clothing after teaching myself how to sew. I was mainly doing woman’s wear and launched in 2005 via private viewing as I wasn’t sure how the collection would go over. It was a hit! The next event I was in was a fashion show called "The Mind Exotic", headed up by a local designer, Lacy Barry.

2008 is time for men’s wear. I’m sick of not finding stuff to wear in our garbage filled malls and boutiques as I’m sure others have.
I was approached to design for Braithwaite through designer, Connor Ferster. He noticed that my wallet was a ratty piece of leather and asked me if I've ever thought about actually designing a new style of wallet.

The challenge was to design a wallet masterpiece that I found inspirational through useful plotting and unique architectural design. It excited me and once I got going, I couldn't stop! I eventually gave him, not just one, but four designs. We thought that the 'guitar pick' wallet would be one of the more 'note'-worthy of the bunch.


Designs (all under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licensing)

"Orpheus" - PDF Download: Interior | Exterior

"The Sunrise" - PDF Download: Interior | Exterior