By Nick Stratichuk
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D I M E N S I O N S :

WIDTH: 4 3/8”

HEIGHT: 3 3/8”


D I M E N S I O N S :

WIDTH: 4 3/8”

HEIGHT: 3 3/8”


T H E   S T O R Y

As he drove to John’s house, he realized it had been over four years since they moved apart to pursue separate dreams. John had relocated in Montreal to be a chef, while he had headed west to join the coast guard. Even though they’d been playing music together since they were twelve, he wondered if that same spark would still exist after such a long division.

Driving across the country, no longer interested in the slow turning landscape, memories of his grandfather came to mind. The details always sparse but clear: a tall man, a sailor, who, during the war, learned to play guitar with new-found friends, friends that would remain close for the rest of their lives. His grandfather died when he was only a kid, but he vividly remembered the last time he saw him.

It’s the evening of his grandfather’s eightieth birthday. Grandpa and his friends are outside on the grass, entertaining everybody at the party, playing music together. Even though he just turned eighty, he’s playing his guitar like a young man. His shirt unbuttoned slightly to reveal a sinewy frame, his sun-worn skin glows in the sinking light.

A surprisingly powerful tenor voice fills the night with stories of the Spanish countryside, a fearless and joyful sound in their ears. His friends echo this renewed spirit, smiling as their bodies resonate with music.

Later on, Grandpa puts his hand on his shoulder and says something that he will never forget: “Stay true to your friends. They will be the most valuable piece of your life. Treat them that way and you’ll be richer than you can ever imagine.”

Standing in front of John’s house with a guitar case in hand, he knocks and smiles to himself at the thought of playing music together again. When he opens the door, they both laugh and give each other a strong hug.

Walking into the living room, he sees that John already has his guitar out, resting against one of two wooden stools. John gestures for him to hurry up and take the other stool.

He takes out his beat-up guitar, sits down, and grabs a pick from his Braithwaite. John sees his wallet, smiles, and comments, “Remind me to ask you where to get one of those. How about we start with that song you wrote years ago, ‘Thin Blue Light’?”

John counts in and the music immediately makes him feel at home. John’s baritone voice harmonizes well with his, and in this moment he feels that the two of them could conquer the world. Strumming the syncopated rhythm, he sees the image of his grandfather flicker through his mind.


T H E    W A L L E T

Nick Stratichuk designed, “Orpheus” for the guitar player who knows that playing the instrument is more than just a hobby. A man of inner creativity who takes pains to express himself in a most natural way.

T H E    L A Y O U T

Orpheus is a slim wallet and was designed to stay slim. The interior was designed to hold exactly six cards, simply and visibly, with a slim wad of cash. The shorter card slot on the left was Nick’s answer to a cheap, plastic, ‘ID window’: a fast access card slot. Simple, honest.

All of the seams have been double-hemmed along the exterior. This is a feature rarely found on other wallets. Not only does the double-hem give a cleaner appearance, it also prevents the exterior from ever separating from the interior lining. This is a common point of failure in wallets that we were sure to protect you against.

T H E    L E A T H E R

As with Raptured, Orpheus was designed to combine form and function. The leather employed in its construction is one we call, “Satchel”. Satchel is a full-grain, veg-tan leather that has a finished surface to enhance all of the natural creases contained in the grain of the leather.

It’s kind of like having the distinction of a matured gentleman but with all the power of an ambitious youth.

T H E    L I N I N G

The cash pouch and card slots are both lined with a charmeuse black silk. Because the grain of the silk has been arranged vertically, it acts like a sheet of ball bearings that makes the insertion and removal of your cards an absolute pleasure. It feels just awesome.

T H E    O R N A M E N T A T I O N

And of course, the signature guitar pick holder on the exterior. Without picks inserted, you can see the black silk lining the back of the pick holder, creating a look reminiscent of shark’s gills. With picks in, the true purpose of the wallet (and its owner) becomes clear.

Playing guitar isn’t so much a hobby, it’s more like a habit (and perhaps, an addiction). I wonder what happens when an addiction is encouraged…?

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