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Cypress, Green & Golden


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We are COMPLETELY sold out of the Green and Golden Cypress Wallets. We are sorry if you had your heart set on one.

Comes with Complimentary, Custom Monogramming

The Cypress wallet is a wallet I designed shortly after taking up shaving with a straight razor in 2008. Using a straight razor truly does “keep you on edge”. When shaving, one accidental, 4 inch sideways motion will cause a slit deep enough for 12 stitches. You’ll feel it, think nothing of it, until the blood comes…

This wallet was designed with the minimal and lethal aesthetic of the straight razor in mind.

Now, this simple wallet has turned into a phenomenon of its own, far out selling ALL of my other wallet designs, by double. When it was originally released, it sold out in about 90 days. Now it’s back and sharper than ever.

How To Use

This wallet only has two components to it: the card bank and the cash cover. The individual slots in the card bank start off tight, designed to hold one card each. Remember, leather stretches over time. As the slot gets used to the shape of each card, it becomes more and more adaptable and "quick release".

The cash cover works as such: put your cash behind the cardbank. Snap the wallet shut. The cash folds around the card bank and the entire wallet acts as a leather money clip and, given it's size, it can fit a sizeable wad of cash in there. It even fits large international notes (e.g. UK 50 quid note and HK Dollars). The cash cover has small magnets embedded into each corner so when you snap this wallet shut, it snaps shut and stays shut.

Full Leather Bilt

“Full Leather Bilt” is the new design method affecting most everything I do with Braithwaite going forward. What does it mean? It means that there are no more silk linings. All surfaces are now leather. Why? Because only leather is as strong as leather.

Notes on The Leather

The exterior cover and card slots of the wallets are made from an Italian bridle leather. Bridle leather is commonly used for saddlery because of its added water resistance. The slight water resistance is added through a process called, ‘hot stuffing’ where oils, waxes, and tallows are heated to just the right temperature which the leather is then submerged into to absorb them.

The interior lining of the wallet is made out of un-dyed, un-treated Italian ‘Vachetta’ leather. This is as natural as leather gets. Nothing is applied to this leather once it has been tanned. The result? The most age-able leather you can get. This leather will absorb everything that touches it: oils from your hand, any dirt on your money, sunlight, and character. As you touch it, you’ll notice that it absorbs you, quickly becoming unique to you. If you leave it in the sunlight, it will become darker and richer in color, over the years becoming a deep, golden brown.

Where the wallet is made.

Our wallets are made by a family-run leather business located in Kolkata, India. This family-run business reached out to us in 2010 and we've been working together throughout 2011 to come up with a products of unique, hand-crafted quality. The production of wallets is overseen by Furkhan Aalangayam of the Aalangayam family, who is himself a skilled leather worker. I'm proud to be working with Furkhan and his family.

Order Now, With Confidence.

Braithwaite Wallets all have a 6 month replacement guarantee. If there is ever anything that comes loose or falls apart, call me or email me and I will send you a replacement from my current inventory. I'm looking out for you so don't even worry about it.