I just wanted to write to you about the Raptured wallet I bought from you for my partner, Sam's, birthday (and which he bought for himself shortly after I did so!). You remember how you told me that you were happy to extend the thirty day guarantee to be thirty days after his birthday, as opposed to thirty days after it arrived with me?

Well, we won't be needing that thirty days at all - the minute he got his hands on his new wallet, all his cards were in there, and he's been merrily carrying it around everywhere ever since (and often pulling it out of a pocket and giving me a big grin / obviously laying it on tables etc in front of him so that friends will notice it).

So, thank you very much - he completely loves it, and will be recommending you to many people I'm sure.



Hal Harvey for Sam Waugh

Just wanted to let you know that the Raptured arrived yesterday, and I'm totally at a loss for words (a rare condition for me!) to express how delighted I am with it! The pictures on the website enthralled me the moment I saw them, but they hardly do justice to the wallet itself. What a breathtaking work of art it really is. Even the leather already feels more comfortable than that of the wallet I've had in my pocket for the last four years. I nearly slept with it under my pillow last night, feeling I couldn't bear to be parted with it even during a few hours spent entirely unconscious! Anyway, thank you so much for turning one of the banal necessities of daily life into such a wonderful bit of enchantment! I never would have thought that a wallet could give me so much pleasure!

Bruce Gossard, Visual Artist/Scavenger

John Atwood deVries II, Robotics Engineer

"The wallet arrived and is lovely. Jeremy is extremely pleased with it. And the day after I purchased it for him (thinking -- only half-jokingly -- that he needed to up the level of his wallet to up his income) he received a 30% raise.... So the wallet may actually have magical powers, although I doubt you can advertise that fact.

Ephrat Livni"

for Jeremy Winston Conrad, Esq., Immigration Attorney

"Love the wallet. Classy, practical, chic. l use it when I spend the evening at the Magic Castle. So far, two nods of approval. Maybe i can work them onto our show...

Well played, sir."

Neil Patrick Harris, Actor

"Oh...I love my wallet. What can I say about it other than it is perfect in its simplicity, build materials, build quality, aesthetics, and functionality? Nothing really. Thank you for making such a high quality product. I never thought something so simple could bring a smirk to my face time and time again."

Chinhnam Hatchuc, 4th Year Medical Student

"It was grey, and foggy, the day she got the package.

I remember exactly what she was wearing that day, too: a slim gauzy tank top over a full skirt, ballet flats so casual they looked almost sloppy--but then, that was her whole point of existence, this occasional contradiction in style and philosophy.
Her dog gamboled idiotically next to her as she put her key into her mailbox and bent down to peek into it. She did a little jig then, looking just as awkward as her dog, and I knew it had come.
She pulled a ratty-looking package out of the mailbox, handling it carefully, so as not to damage it more, and looked at me, eyes gleaming. "I got it," she said, and rushed to the elevator to press impatiently at the "up" button.
On the ride up, she turned the envelope over and over, tucking the rest of the mail under her arm. She stroked the postage mark and whispered, "Canada." I knew she'd been there, and loved it, and wondered if what it was she longed for there.
In our apartment now, dog lapping noisily at its water, she put out one manicured hand and pushed everything on the kitchen table to one side. She dropped the mail on the floor and placed the package in the center of a clear space. She slit it open with a pair of sharp shears, delaying the moment, and carefully laid the package open, until the black box inside it lay exposed among the bubbled sides of the envelope. "Oh," she said, and lifted the lid off the box.

"Oh," she said again. "Canada."

Yi Shun Lai, Freelance writer (and former J. Peterman writer)

"...thought I'd let you know that I get a compliment on my Raptured Wallet roughly once a week still and am loving it. Thanks again and I'll talk to you soon."

Clayton McGratty, PR Man

"Over the weekend I received the wallet and I am very impressed. They are gorgeous and of quality workmanship. Thank you very much."

Svetoslav Trochev, System Administrator

"I received my wallet today and love it ! it's absolutely beautiful !!!"

Edo Saler, Univ. of CA Project Manager/Obsessive Tennis Player

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my wallet about a week or so ago and at first I was a little skeptical, the leather seemed quite hard and I wasn’t sure I was going to be happy with my purchase. BUT, now after the leather has started to loosen up and the coloring has begun to take on some personality I am very very happy indeed."

Jamison Mergens; Owner, Mergens Insurance

"Dear Connor,

Raptured and The Vagabond arrived today and I can't begin to tell you how impressed and pleased I am! I absolutely love both wallets. The design is impeccable and the craftsmanship flawless. I know you are getting about 1375 emails saying basically what I just said, so I'll keep it brief, but I wanted to take the time to thank and commend you. Also, to ask you to please keep us informed re: your designs as, at least with me, you've earned a customer for life.



Juan Lube, IT Consultant/"Bon Vivant"

"Hi Connor,

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend; I just wanted to follow up and let you know The Sunrise arrived today. My compliments to both yourself and Nick, the wallet is marvelous and I couldn't be more pleased. Again, thank you for going the extra mile in every aspect: design, production, communication, and followup.

Best Regards,

Dan Malec, Software Engineer

"After a bit of a mix-up with the USPS, I am now in possession of the sexiest wallet I've ever held in my hands. I can not believe the level of craftsmanship and the attention to detail (especially love the mid section of the interior)! I can not wait to pull it out at a bar and make my friends jealous. The only issue is that the bartender will think I'm loaded with cash to have such a fine piece of leather!

Can't wait to hear about the new things to come in the future from you and your company. Only great things I'm sure.

Very impressed in Brooklyn,

Jeremy Keim, Account Executive

"Thanks for making the wallet possbile for the confirmation. It was a complete success. My son said it was the best gift he got.. everyone there wanted to know where I got it from...Of course I told them about you and your company...Here is a pic I took when my son had the wallet in his hands.... I just ordered a raptured through Paypal.. Can't wait to get it.."

Gregg Sgarlata, Operations Manager

"Well, my TNT courier order arrived in three days, and my Cypress has been doing duty in my pockets pretty much non-stop ever since. I am delighted with how it looks and how it is aging already, and the good craftsmanship is evident. I've been heartily recommending it to anyone who asks, as well.


Oh, and my space pen does fit into the fold quite well- the leather is already molding itself around it- but with the cards in the wallet, it is just thick enough to ensure that the edges don't quite line up. It still closes, and the magnet still holds, but I have a couple millimeters of liner showing when the pen is in there. I suppose the anal retentive ought to look into getting a skinnier space pen if they want everything to line up nicely, but it works just fine for me!

Thanks for a fabulous wallet- if I end up getting signed for next year, I'll almost certainly be buying a Raptured or a Vagabond this summer. Since Vagabond can hold a Moleskine, I assume it could hold a space pen in its spine as well?

Hope things are going well up there in Canada.


Toby Snedecor, International Educator